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Comment by James Saint Cloud:

There is a theory, that of so many millions of people on the planet there is a Buddha produced, a person fully awakened and aware of what is SO.

Paul Hedderman would be appalled that I might nominate him for such a role, though he is right there on the ballet, IMO, along with the likes of Eckart Tolle and Jeff Foster, to name but two.

I name Foster and Tolle because I read their books before my acquaintance with Paul and I knew the message they bore was absolutely true and urgently in need. But it is only now, AFTER exposure to Paul, that as I re-read Foster and Tolle I realize on a truly profound level what they were telling me. I have no doubt that Paul’s talks have been THE KEY to unlock the meaning to full view. To open the door for life beyond the self.

The styles are different, of course. Paul can sound coarse with his New York verve. But Paul’s message is everywhere to be found in theirs, and theirs in his; and I have no doubt at all of this: It is Paul’s rendition that has brought theirs to life for me.


From Damien Thornber in Perth, Western Australian:

I remember hearing Paul talk in a workshop in 2005, later I happened to sit next to him at a dinner event, I overheard the discussion he was having with a augmentative doubter and was impressed by his unrelenting calmness and his persistent ability to draw the discussion back to the root problem by challenging the doubter to question ‘Who was asking’ instead of why the conflict existed. “Who are you to presume to know the answers” the doubter expounded, to which Paul answered “I don’t know, but I know who I am not”

I was so impressed by his radical views, I organised to fly him to Perth for some talks. I had been thinking about what he said so much that when I picked him up at the airport I felt like the Deli Lama had arrived, I excitedly told him Paul I am so excited about being with around you I am sure I am going to become more spiritual now. To which he said, in his humble manner “well this is the part where I disappoint you”

I sat in on many of Pauls talks while in Perth and as he was leaving I’ll never forget, I said ‘Paul how can I live this in my life’, he said “YOU can’t, and that’s the good news”

In a panic like a lamb about to lose his mother, I said ‘but Paul how do I practice everything you have taught me’. He said “Damien you don’t have practice anything, just entertain the possibility you are already that”

I don’t think I have looked at anything the same ever since that day.

My favourite Paul Quote is “if you only ask yourself one question in your life make it this one, who’s asking the question”

Thank you James Saint Cloud for making these talks available! You have just done the world a great favour.

Comment by Tom M. in Chicago:

Hi James,

Saw the invitation to comment and had to write about my experience with Paul's message or rather "invitation".

It has been a breath of fresh air to "entertain" what he is putting out there.

I've been in recovery for many years and since so much of our lives was spent manipulating others, many recovering alcoholics have developed a very low tolerance for bullshit.

Fortunately, there's none here and he doesn't take himself too seriously. How can he, when he tells us there is no "self"?
I've read a lot of top tier spiritual stuff and am always amazed at how they seem to point toward the same thing.

First heard him five years ago when someone gave me a CD. of one of his talks. All it said was Paul H.

It hit me right between the eyes but I had no idea who this guy was or how to learn more. A couple of years ago, through a twist of fate, I found his website, attended some of his talks in Chicago and have been able to access and download his weekly meetings.

Yeah, there's no doubt the style is a little coarse but I'm accustomed to that.

I'm still pretty much acting as a "separate wave" and find myself listening with "sheep's ears" but I'm open to the possibility that I might be the "ocean" and that I already am a "lion". What could possibly be more valuable than that?

Can't recommend it highly enough!

Thanks for your work on the website,

Tom M.